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About the Author                                                                 

Eric C. Gray


Eric Gray is originally from Plainview, New York and got his BA from SUNY New Paltz in 1974. He made his way to San Francisco and his first job with the Department of Labor became his life-long career. His passions are baseball, rock and roll, politics, conversation and most of all, family and friends. His wife, Lynn, daughter Rachel, son David, daughter-in-law Lisa and granddaughter Juliet are all baseball fans. Granddaughter Vivian, not quite a year old, has not yet expressed her opinions on baseball.

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From Bases to Bleachers, Introduction:

"I think you’ll find this to be a very different kind of baseball book. I love reading biographies, or books about teams, seasons, eras, or accomplishments. Like other baseball fans, I enjoy and remember the stats, and love good analysis. But this book is different. It’s from the fans’ perspectives (or players, or coaches, or umpires). It’s a human interest book in a baseball setting, rather than a baseball book. These are the stories of everyday folks like me, who aren’t in the public’s consciousness. I have been fortunate enough to get stories from some great, known writers, a couple of ballplayers, and a few other famous folks. But the essence of this book revolves around the experience that students, working people, and retirees have had regarding their love of our national pastime. I hope you laugh, cry a little, and shake your head in amazement at these stories, like I did."